Lay Leaders

Kathy Slater, Moderator

Kim Marfy, Board Secretary

The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of each Board meeting including the annual meetings. The secretary also handles correspondence for the Moderator and Board and oversees the Communications Council which consists of the website, publicity, Library Committee, newsletter and archives.

Kay Eckman, Treasurer

My duties as Church Treasurer include monitoring church finances in conjunction with the Assistant Treasurer and the Bookeeper. I have also set a goal during my term of promoting a greater awareness in our church culture of giving and stewardship.

I have been attending the UU Church of Kent since 2001. Throughout my 10 years with the church, I have served as a Sunday School Teacher and on the Membership Committee. I work as a banker and live in Chesterland Ohio with my husband Mark and 3 bad cats.

Cheryl Spoehr, Trustee for Programming

My role as the trustee for programming is to work with and support those who provide religious education (re) for our children,youth and adults,as well as small group ministry,lay lead services,and music to our church community.My role as a trustee on the board also allows me to see how our actions as a community can best be served by these committees,as well as how the board can best serve those who lead and work on these committees.

On a personal level,I find this congregation a place of peace and fellowship.I enjoy contributing to it with my own individual contributions,such as teaching third through fifth grade RE classes, facilitating discussions in adult RE, and offering as many opportunities for social activities as I can imagine.

My personal back round is eclectic.I have been trained in Police Science,and have worked in personal security.I have also had a mail order business in rare magazines and comic well as working in retail and not for profit activities.I bring an interest in popular culture to many of my activities at the UUCK

Julie Lineburgh, Trustee for Fellowship

As the Trustee for Fellowship, I assist in matters of membership, pastoral care, social activities, and coordinating volunteers.

As a lifelong UU, I am excited to participate in the church community in this particular role of leadership.  I am sure this will give me a different perspective on some of the inner workings of our community.

I have attended the UU Church of Kent since 2008 and was an active member in the UU Church of Akron from 1998-2002.  I have served as a Children’s RE teacher, Coming of Age facilitator, and Helping Hands coordinator.  I am currently a greeter and will be co-facilitating the 2011-2012 Coming of Age program.

I am passionate about making the UU Church of Kent a warm and welcoming community for our current members, friends, and visitors.   I am also especially interested in reaching out to fellow Young Adults in the congregation.

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Counseling at Kent State Universityand am a licensed professional counselor.  One of my professional interests is in spirituality and counseling.


Randy Ruchotzke, Trustee for Buildings and Grounds

Vivien Sandlund, Trustee for Outreach to the Wider World

I serve the congregation as your Trustee for Outreach to the Wider World. I coordinate the outreach and social justice activities of those groups who represent our congregation in the community and in the wider society. I serve as board liaison with the Denominational Affairs Coordinator, the Social Justice Committee and social justice task groups, the Kent Community Time Bank, and others who do outreach work.

I also serve as an RE teacher for the 4th and 5th grade children in our church. I am a proud parent of a 5th grader. I adopted my daughter from Guatemala in 2002.

In my professional life I teach history at Hiram College, and I serve as Director of Graduate Studies at Hiram College. I came to Kent in 1995 from Atlanta, Georgia, where I went to graduate school at Emory University. I was an active member of the First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta, a UU congregation. I am originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. I have been a member of our Kent church for 17 years.