Sign-up Deadline for Chalice and Food for Thought Groups

handsXandXchaliceXsoftXtrimmedThe deadline to sign up for Chalice and Food for Thought groups has been extended until Sunday, September 28.  The box for depositing completed forms will be outside the sanctuary on Sunday and/or people can email the office or Rev. Melissa at


International Unitarian Universalism – September 28, 2014

internationalXUUXchaliceLed by the Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer and Worship Associate John Marfy
I made a promise that I will be fulfilling this Sunday. I promised to offer a sermon on any topic chosen by the highest bidder at our annual service auction last year. Eric Van Baars was the winner and he has invited me to reflect on the practices of Unitarian Universalists around the globe.

In an effort to be more effective in communicating announcements and events, please note the following changes will go into effect immediately.

announcementsXiconIt is our hope that these changes will shorten the Weekly e-nUUs, save paper and keep you from reading duplicate messages.

  1.  e-nUUs announcements will be published for two weeks prior to any event.  If announcements are received in advance, they will be published once for one week only under a “Save the Date” heading then removed until two weeks prior to the event where they will be listed under the appropriate program category.
  2.  We will no longer be inserting the Sunday Thread from the Web in the Order of Service.  Each week, approximately fifty (50) Sunday Thread from the Web bulletins will be printed and left on the desk outside the Sanctuary for those who do not receive the e-nUUs each week.
  3. The Weekly e-nUUs page on the website will be replaced with an Announcements & Events page.  All announcements and events will be posted to this page once allowing you to scroll through the announcements without reading duplicate messages.


Call for Special Meeting and Vote: Resolution to Support Issue 21

ConcernedXaboutXfrackingThe UUCK Social Justice Council has approved a resolution supporting ISSUE 21 which allows residents to stop hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and injection wells in the City of Kent. Furthermore, we call for a congregational vote in support of this resolution, taking a position supporting Issue 21: Kent Charter Amendment (Community Bill of Rights).

Informational sessions will be held Sunday, September 28th, during both services, in the church Annex.  

The vote will be between services on October, 12th in the Sanctuary, in which a quorum and super-majority will be required for passage.

Please contact Lee Brooker, Bonny Esparza, or Andrew Rome for more information or visit


Download –  Resolution to Support the Kent Community Bill of Rights: Issue 21 (Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the document to your computer)
Finish Reading: Call for Special Meeting and Vote: Resolution to Support Issue 21