Our Mission…

Through spirited worship and open-minded religious exploration,
our mission is to inspire people to live caring lives of meaning and purpose.
We seek to encourage curiosity, strive to create peace and justice,pi-pie
and care for the living Earth with reverence and gratitude.

It takes a surprising number of ministries, programs, committees, teams and events to give life to our mission. Fulfilling our mission requires resources.

Our theme for our fiscal year 2015 campaign is PIE / PI. Pies take many forms, but all serve to nourish us, both physically and at their best, even spiritually. Our program budget pie charts pick up our theme.

As with real pies, the ingredients in these charts determine the nourishment provided by our spiritual community.

What does Pi mean? In any given circle, the length of the diameter goes around that circle approximately 3.14 times – that number is a mathematical constant and is called Pi. It doesn’t matter which circle you are measuring; every circle has Pi. Pi is Magic!

When we look at our community, we find that there is magic here, too. The measure of a circle’s circumference related to its diameter is Pi; the measure of our community is love as manifested through our many programs and ministries. This year Pie/Pi will be the symbol of all we have to celebrate.


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The following documents are available online from the FY2015 Stewardship Campaign:

Stewardship Pledge Card

FY15 Program Budget_Booklet


2012 Stewardship Video of our Congregation